The Future of Banking

Future-proof your Banking journey with Novopay's state-of-the-art Banking Platform that is cloud native, mobile first, API enabled and AI driven. Whether it is Digital Lending, Digital Wallets or Payment Solutions, Novopay's products can be licensed, subscribed, customised & run on the cloud with 24x7 managed services.


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AI Driven

Novovpay's Banking Platform includes an AI engine that is joined at the hip to the CBS components. For example, in the digital lending module there is a AI based credit rating engine that will lower NPAs and increase scale of loan processing using ML algorithms.


Mobile First

The Novopay Banking Solution comes with mobile apps out-of-the-box. This means "mobile banking" solutions do not have to be built as an afterthought. All features are available as Mobile apps - making it a mobile first platform.


Cloud Enabled

Novopay Banking Solution is cloud enabled, which means elasticity of the solution is built into the deployment architecture. If there is a huge spurt of transaction volumes during the holiday season for instance, the Novopay Banking Platform will gracefully scale up with extra infrastructure on the cloud to meet the demand. It also delivers on a very high level of security assurance as a part of the cloud solution. Novopay is cloud provider agnostic, and our solution can be deployed on AWS, Azure, Google Cloud or existing Private Data Centers.


API Enabled

Novopay Banking Solution can be thought of as Banking APIs since all services big and small are available through an Application Programmatic Interface (API). This provides the ability for partners to weave new and more powerful consumer centric products using the APIs provided by Novopay Platform.


Analytics Driven

Novopay Banking Solution provides out-of-the-box Dashboard and Analytics capability. Built on highly scalable No-SQL and queuing technologies, this powerful analytics capability allows for hundreds of millions of events to be crunched in real-time to provide insights, real-time analytics with rich GIS mapping. It means your decisions can be quick, rational and yet easy.


Rapid Deployment

The Novopay Banking Solution can be deployed rapidly in a matter of weeks!

Its layered architecture and lego blocks of microservice components available as APIs, allows for rapid solution deployment. Novopay provides a dedicated development team to customize and maintain client specific solutions. Our 24x7 dev-ops team can maintain and provide 99.99% uptime guarantees to help the Bank/NBFC teams to focus on business growth.